Welcome to the world of Natural8 India, where you'll encounter a lineup of exceptional ambassadors who truly shine. Get ready for an exclusive opportunity to dive deeper into their online poker journeys and discover their invaluable insights. Join us on this adventure as we introduce you to our extraordinary Natural8 India ambassadors and let their expertise inspire your gameplay and elevate your gaming experience to new heights!

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Banker turned Pro

Kunal Patni

Meet Kunal Patni, a private banker turned professional poker player, who made waves in the poker world with a spectacular debut by winning the Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) in 2014. Leaving behind his banking career in 2015, Kunal rose to prominence as the Number 2 ranked poker player in India, earning multiple victories at prestigious poker tournaments. With a passion for changing the perception of poker in India, Kunal's remarkable journey is driven by skill, knowledge, and unwavering support from his loved ones.

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WSOP Bracelet Winner

Nikita Luther

Introducing Nikita Luther, the esteemed "Superwoman" of Indian poker, who has made an indelible mark on the national poker scene. Her groundbreaking achievements include being the first Indian woman to secure a World Series of Poker Bracelet in Las Vegas in 2018. With her passion for mathematics and the game's intricate strategies, Nikita has embraced poker as a full-time profession and even delivered a TEDx talk. She aims to inspire women in this male-dominated sport and continues to pave the way with her remarkable successes.

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