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It's All Action in All-In or Fold (AoF)


With a set initial buy-in, choose to go "All-In" or "Fold" on every hand. This exciting poker variant keeps things fast and simple, and you’ll also get a shot at winning bonus prizes every time you go All-In.

Play now on Natural8 India, and get up to ₹81,000 in deposit bonuses!

How to Play All-In or Fold

All-In or Fold (also known as AoF) is a fast-paced online poker game where you choose to either go "All-In" or "Fold" on every single hand.


Go “All-In” if you feel you can win the hand.

By doing so, you are betting your full stack (the total number of chips you possess).


“Fold” if you feel you can't win the hand.

By doing so, you forfeit any chips you have in the pot.

All-in or Fold Sit & Go

Looking for a way to spice up your AoF Poker game? Look no further. The All-in or Fold Sit & Go brings a unique experience to the poker tables. This hot and exciting 16 player Sit & Go tournament starts with a 4-handed Shootout, and ends with a nail biting final table where all finalists are ITM. Each Sit & Go requires 16 participants to start and once there are 16 players registered, the game will begin.

The All-in or Fold Sit & Go also features N-Stack where all players will receive 3-stacks which can be added at any time. There will be THREE buy-in levels to choose from. All you need to do is check out the AoF tab in the Natural8 India client and select your preferred game. More details can be found in the table below.

Rank / Buy-in 0.50 2.50 10
1st 3.00 15.00 60.00
2nd 2.00 11.00 44.00
3rd 1.50 7.50 30.00
4th 0.70 3.70 14.80

* 2.50 and 10 buy-ins are subject to 7% rake/fee

* 0.50 buy-in is subject to 10% rake/fee

Bonus Prizes When You Go All-In

Every time you choose to go all-in, you’ll have a chance to hit the All-In or Fold Jackpot or All-In or Fold Fortune!

All-In or Fold Jackpot

When you go all-in, there’s a chance you could hit the All-In or Fold Jackpot!

How to Win
  • For Hold’em games - Make at least a straight flush by using both of your hole cards

  • For Omaha games - Make a royal flush with two of your hole cards

More details on the All-In or Fold Jackpot page

All-In or Fold Fortune

When you go all-in, there’s also a chance you could hit the All-In or Fold Fortune jackpot!

How It Works

Every time a player goes All-In, the Jackpot will crack and get one step closer to breaking. If you happen to be the player who cracks open the Jackpot, coins will spill out and you’ll instantly get your prize!

Jackpot Sizes

The higher the stakes, the higher the possible sizes of each Fortune Jackpot. You could even hit a MEGA FORTUNE, the largest of which can be worth up to 20,000!

Game Type Blind Payout Fee Per Hand Special Payout Special Payout Probability
Hold’em 10/20 1.00 20,000 400/1,000,000
Hold’em 5/10 0.50 10,000 400/1,000,000
Hold’em 2/4 0.20 4,000 400/1,000,000
Hold’em 1/2 0.10 2,000 400/1,000,000
Hold’em 0.50/1 0.05 1,000 400/1,000,000
Hold’em 0.25/0.50 0.02 400 400/1,000,000
Hold’em 0.10/0.25 0.01 200 400/1,000,000
Hold’em 0.05/0.10 0.007 140 400/1,000,000
Omaha 5/10 0.30 6,000 400/1,000,000
Omaha 2/4 0.12 2,400 400/1,000,000
Omaha 1/2 0.06 1,200 400/1,000,000
Omaha 0.50/1 0.03 600 400/1,000,000
Omaha 0.20/0.40 0.01 200 400/1,000,000
Omaha 0.10/0.20 0.007 140 400/1,000,000
Normal Payout Frequency of 1M
3.00% 9,996
1.50% 39,984
0.60% 149,940
0.30% 799,680

*Please refer to the Natural8 India app for latest payouts and frequencies.

Exclusive Features & Promotions

Elevate your online poker experience when you play poker at Natural8 India. We pride ourselves on offering a safe, fair, and fun gaming environment for our players. Our poker games are powered by cutting-edge technology, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience every time. Plus, with our generous promotions and bonuses, you'll have even more opportunities to boost your bankroll and take your game to the next level.

Exclusive Features

natural8 aof pokercraft icon

A powerful and easy to use poker tracker that keeps track of your entire poker journey.

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natural8 aof smart hud icon
Smart HUD

Quickly learn your opponent's and your own tendencies and use them to your strategic advantage.

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Hand Moments

A powerful tool that allows you to relive your most memorable hands in stunning detail.

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Exclusive Promotions

natural8 aof jackpot icon
All-In or Fold Jackpot

Hit the All-In or Fold Jackpot and win life changing prizes!

Learn More
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All-In or Fold Leaderboard

Accumulate points and climb up the All-In or Fold Leaderboard to win daily prizes.

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Play All-in Poker Risk-Free With Play Money

Looking to test your skills and strategies without risking any real money? Natural8 India's Play Money tables are the perfect way to do just that. Play Money are free chips that can only be used on Play Money tables where blinds are displayed with a ‘P’. As an existing player, you can claim up to P10,000 every four hours to keep the fun going. And for new players, you'll start with a generous P20,000 to play with.

Just remember that Play Money has no cash value and cannot be used in conjunction with real currency or tickets. But with plenty of opportunities to practise and improve, Play Money is a great way to prepare for the real deal.

Additional Information:

  • Existing players can claim/recharge up to P10,000 every four hours, up to a maximum of two times daily. (Newly signed-up players will receive P20,000 to start)

  • Play Money has no cash value and cannot be used in conjunction with Play Money has no cash value and cannot be used in conjunction with cash, , CP, TP or any other currency or ticket. any other currency or ticket.

  • Some features may not be available on Play Money tables.

  • Play Money eligibility is subject to the terms and conditions of the player’s jurisdiction.

AoF Table Information

Stake Blinds Game Buy-in () Rake Jackpot Fee Fortune Fee per Hand per Player Jackpot Payout
VIP Games 100 ~ 200 Omaha 1,000 0.025 BB 0.025 BB 10.00%
50 ~ 100 Hold’em 1,000 0.05 BB 0.05 BB 10.00%
High Stakes 10 ~ 20 Hold’em 160 0.05 BB 0.05 BB 1 2.00%
5 ~ 10 Hold’em 80 0.05 BB 0.05 BB 0.5 1.00%
5 ~ 10 Omaha 50 0.03 BB 0.03 BB 0.3 0.65%
Middle Stakes 2 ~ 4 Hold’em 32 0.05 BB 0.05 BB 0.2 0.40%
2 ~ 4 Omaha 20 0.03 BB 0.03 BB 0.12 0.26%
1 ~ 2 Hold’em 16 0.05 BB 0.05 BB 0.1 0.20%
1 ~ 2 Omaha 10 0.03 BB 0.03 BB 0.06 0.13%
0.50 ~ 1 Hold’em 8 0.05 BB 0.05 BB 0.05 0.10%
0.50 ~ 1 Omaha 5 0.03 BB 0.03 BB 0.03 0.06%
Low Stakes 0.25 ~ 1 Hold’em 4 0.04 BB 0.06 BB 0.02 0.06%
0.20 ~ 0.40 Omaha 2 0.025 BB 0.025 BB 0.01 0.02%
0.10 ~ 0.25 Hold’em 2 0.04 BB 0.04 BB 0.01 0.02%
0.10 ~ 0.20 Omaha 1 0.03 BB 0.035 BB 0.007 0.01%
0.05 ~ 0.10 Hold’em 1 0.06 BB 0.07 BB 0.007 0.01%
Play Money
Game type Table Name Blinds (SB/BB) Buy in Max Players Rake
AoF Hold'em AFHP Yellow P200 / P500 P5,000 4 0.06BB
AoF Hold'em AFHP White P100 / P200 P2,000 4 0.06BB
AoF Omaha AFOP Blue P500 / P1,000 P5,000 4 0.03BB
AoF Omaha AFOP Yellow P200 / P400 P2,000 4 0.03BB

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got questions? We answer some of the most common questions about online poker. Contact our 24/7 live support if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

How do I remove chips from the table in All-in or Fold?

To remove chips, click on the chip icon on the top right of your window (for desktop) or the hand history icon (on mobile) and select the amount you’d like to remove. You can also opt for chips to be automatically removed every time your stack goes beyond the buy-in amount.

How are All-In or Fold fees deducted?

When you win, fees will be deducted from the winning pot. If you go all-in and lose, fees will be deducted from your account balance. If you fold, fees will be automatically charged to your account balance instead of your chips stack.

Can I hit the All-In or Fold Jackpot in Sit & Go games?

The All-In or Fold Jackpot is only for AoF Hold'em and AoF Omaha cash games. AoF Sit & Go games are not eligible for the All-In or Fold Jackpot.

How often will the All-In or Fold Fortune get paid out?

The probability of triggering the All-In or Fold Fortune is 2% or 2 in 100 times.

Does my hand have to go to showdown to be in with a chance to win the All-In or Fold Fortune?

No. Once you go all-in, you are automatically in with a chance of winning a prize

Terms & Conditions

  1. Players must be aged 18 and above to participate.
  2. This game uses 1 deck of 52 cards and the deck is shuffled after each hand.
  3. Only hands which go to showdown are eligible to be considered for the All-In or Fold Jackpot.
  4. All-In Fortune is not available for AoF Featured Tables.
  5. Amount committed to the pot will still be in play in the event of a disconnection. Natural8 India players accept the risk of internet disconnection, due to problems with the connection between their device(s) and the servers, lag or freeze or some other problem in the player’s device(s) or how that device accesses the internet.
  6. Natural8 India reserves the right to investigate any players suspected of fraudulent activity, and take any necessary action. In the event of multi-accounting, bonus hunting, or foul play, Natural8 India reserves the right to forfeit any prize amounts that have been paid along with any remaining cash balances, without prior notice.
  7. This promotion is subject to the terms and conditions of the Natural8 India website.
  8. Natural8 India is an advocate of safer gaming. If you feel you might have a problem, do seek further advice or counselling. Please also refer to our Responsible Gaming page.

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